hey friend, I'm 

& I can't wait to get to know you.

I never wanted to forget parts of my childhood and young adulthood, so it became second nature for me to document the things I loved with photographs in a very real and candid way. Fast forward to today, I couldn’t feel luckier that this hobby became a career focused on preserving life’s most precious moments for others. 

Who will be the girl behind the camera hyping you up while capturing some authentic moments? I'm a fun, kinda goofy, laughter-filled gal who LOVES to capture those in love with her camera. So if you don’t mind running around, sharing a laugh (or several), talking about fur babies, or hearing me hype you up with “YAAAAS” throughout our session, then I think we have a really great shot at capturing some really amazing memories together.

Like many photogs out there, I picked up a camera really young and haven’t put it down since.

if I had to summarize,

here's me in a nutshell:

Running a retirement farm for abandoned pups while also creating floral arrangements from discarded wedding flowers for retirement homes (for humans of course!). And when I'm not taking photos or editing galleries, you can find me with my pup, crafting up my latest DIY project, flower arranging, or spending time with Jesus. 

my "one-day" dream:

The Office, Trashy Reality TV, Twilight (yes I said it), This is Us, New Girl, or any kind of cheesy rom-com

what I'm always binge-watching:

Dutch Bros, a London Fog tea latte, flowers, or a plane ticket to anywhere… and definitely dogs.

what I can ALways use more of:

Joanna Gaines is a queen and anything she designs or bakes is my favorite. Oh, and thrifting is good for the soul.

something I fundamentally believe:

Ready to kick off this friendship?

heck yes we are

"I hate to go to the extreme, but Emily really is the world's best photographer. She's kind, flexible, hilarious and so much fun! She's down for anything and she's totally open-minded to her client's visions. Our wedding photos blew us away. One of our biggest priorities was for our photos to feel like we were really looking at the rawness of our wedding day. Emily more than delivered. We're absolutely speechless at the priceless memories that Emily captured and again, with her enthusiasm, bubbly attitude and just over-the-top professionalism and creativity. We couldn't have dreamed of a better photographer to capture one of the most important days of our life." 

"We couldn't have dreamed of a better photographer"

Bride Caitlin M.

"If you are looking for a photographer that truly cares about you and your special day, Emily is the gal for you! From the beginning of our relationship she did everything possible to make sure we felt comfortable in front of the camera. From our engagement photos, to holiday photos, and finally wedding photos, the pictures just got better and better. Emily was one of the biggest blessings throughout this whole process! I am continually amazed how she captures the most pure, happy moments with such beauty. She will help with your day of flow, ensure that your dress is buttoned properly, get you to shake those day of nerves, make sure your husband has everything he needs, and just be a friend through the whole process. With that, I am not sure what more you could ask for! I hope she is ready to continue being our photographer because I don't think you could find a better one that her!"

"Emily is so much more than a photographer."

Bride Cayly B.

"Her work speaks for itself, so this is just a review about Emily the person. When we first met her during our engagement shoot, we immediately connected with her. It honestly felt like we've been friends for years, and it was such an amazing experience. From the engagement shoot, to our wedding day. She made us so comfortable and brought a lot of joy and happiness throughout. Our dream wedding wouldn't be possible without Emily."

"Our dear friend."

Groom Michael T.

"From start to finish, Emily made us feel comfortable during both our engagement photos and wedding photos. She allowed us to include our fur babies, two labs, who were always way too excited about being a part of the photos but Emily didn’t let it phase her. She laughed along and captured some great photos. She is always up for an adventure and encourages you to do you! She was very helpful in creating a timeline for the wedding and on the day of the wedding she was on time and helped keep the day moving along on schedule as well. It was much appreciated."

"We highly recommend."

Bride Alisha M.

"You will never find a more caring photographer. She got to know us, so she knew exactly what was most important for us to remember. We absolutely appreciate all of the hard work Em puts into every step along the way. She is so organized and helpful and is awesome at thinking about the little details you probably never even thought about with her personally written wedding guides. She helps from start to finish and will become a life long friend beyond that."

"She will become a lifelong friend."

Bride Amber E.

"Emily was our greatest vendor find! We were so fortunate to have her as our photographer for our wedding over the summer and feel very lucky. The photos turned out wonderful and above all else she was so incredibly lovely to work with (and helped make a less than photo-enthused couple shine/feel comfortable). We would hire her again in a second!!"

"Our greatest vendor find"

 Bride Kate P.

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